Draft Technical Notes

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Exerted from an e-mail sent by Richard Ullman:

The NASA Earth Science Data Systems Working Group (ESDSWG) for Standards is conducting a review of the following Technical Notes:

Interoperability between OGC CS/W and WCS Protocols

Provenance within Data Interoperability Standards

Lessons Learned Regarding WCS Server Design and Implementation

Please use the Review Template when commenting on these technical notes.

A Technical Note is a document that contains important and useful information that is relevant to the domain of NASA Earth Science Data Systems, and does not necessarily describe a "standard" which has additional operational requirements.

The scope of the present review is the "operational usefulness" of these technical notes. We have forwarded these questions to you because as a NASA Earth Science Data stakeholder we would like to know your experience with one or more of the referenced specifications.

The NASA Standards Process Group is charged with recommending the use of data systems standards within the agency that will enhance interoperation of Earth science data systems within the agency and with partnering organizations. We do this through open review of standards, technical notes and best practices submitted by community stakeholders. This process is most effective when community members such as you invest the time to ensure that our recommendations accurately reflect the experiences of the communities that may be impacted.

Comments should be sent before June 1, 2009 to <spg-rfc-014@lists.nasa.gov>