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Elements Definition and Recommended Practice
1 fileName 1 URL to a thumbnail image that can be rendered in browser. In order of importance, we recommend these types of images:
  1. sample imagery produced by data.
  2. map/location representing of data location
  3. snapshot of a time series plot
  4. an image of the station or lab
  5. or as a last resort, a logo associated with data (e.g. project logo).
(NOTE: This is the ONLY gco:CharacterString field that SHOULD contain a URL.)
2 fileDescription 0..1 Brief sentence that can become an image caption.
3 fileType 0..1 Suffix of image type.

Community Requirements

M = Mandatory; C = Conditional; R = Recommended; blank cell = user discretion

Community Element M C R Notes

NOAA Completeness Rubric V2

fileName R Extra credit
fileDescription Same requirements as the ISO standard

OneStop Project

fileName M
fileDescription Same requirements as the ISO standard

More Information

MI BrowseGraphic.png
graphicOverview:  (MD_BrowseGraphic)
fileDescription:  crustal ages
fileType:  JPEG