MD Distributor

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Elements Definition and Recommended Practice
1 distributorContact 1 Individuals and/or organizations available for questions about accessing the resource. Use roleCode='distributor'. Provide contact details, such address, phone and email.
2 distributionOrderProcess 0..* Information about how the resource may be obtained, and related instructions and fee information.
3 distributorFormat 0..* Information about the format used by the distributor. Required when distributionFormat not included.
4 distributorTransferOptions 0..* Information about the technical means and media used by the distributor.

Community Requirements

M = Mandatory; C = Conditional; R = Recommended; blank cell = user discretion

Community Element M/C/R Notes
NOAA Completeness Rubric V2
Access Category
distributorContact M
distributorFormat C Mandatory if no MD_Distribution/distributionFormat
distributorTransferOptions C Mandatory if no MD_Distribution/transferOptions
OneStop Project distributorContact M Same as rubric
distributorFormat C
distributorTransferOptions C

More Information

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