MD FeatureCatalogueDescription

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Definition and Recommended Practice

1 complianceCode 0..1 Indication of whether the cited feature catalogue complies with ISO 19110.

'false' = not compliant

'true' = compliant.
2 language 0..* Language and character coding standards of the feature catalogue.
3 includedWithDataset 1 Is the feature catalogue included with the dataset?

'false' = not included

'true' = included
4 featureTypes 0..* Identifier and/or generic name of features as listed in the feature catalogue. Example:<featureTypes><LocalName codeSpace="#local">building</LocalName></featureTypes>
5 featureCatalogueCitation 1..* Citation to the catalog or conceptual schema of the resource contents. Provide URL to the ISO 19110 compliant metadata file or other document. Example:tbd

More Information

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