MD Format

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Elements Definition and Recommended Practice
1 name 1 Name of the resource format. Examples:
  • NetCDF
  • HDF5
2 version 1 Version of the format. Use gco:nilReason attribute if version is unknown.


  • 4
  • <gmd:version gco:nilReason="inapplicable"/>
3 amendmentNumber 0..1 Amendment number of the format version.
4 specification 0..1 Name of a subset, profile, or product specification of the format. Identify the name of the specification. Do not include URL to specification. Provide full citation in the MD_AggregateInformation section. Example:NCEI NetCDF Templates v2.0
5 fileDecompressionTechnique 0..1 Algorithms or processes that can be applied to read or expand resources to which compression techniques have been applied. Example: ZIP
6 formatDistributor 0..1 Information about the distributor's format.

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