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Background and Purpose of OGC Interest Group

To help coordinate NOAA's inputs to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) process an informal "interest group" has been established and is being led by Jason Marshall. If you are interested in being added to this mailing list please let Jason know.

Interest Group Kickoff Note

The text below was sent out on November 20, 2008 to kick this effort off...

"Hi everyone.

Welcome to my "psudo-randomly selected group of folks that have I've interacted with before and might want to engage with OGC more directly"... Unofficially, the "OGC Interest Group". If you're not interested, let me know and I'll spare you further emails.

As we are currently Technical Committee members with solid support for moving geo-standards and related technologies forward, I wanted to take another shot at setting up a loose-confederation of folks we can use to circulate our collective ideas/issues/questions ala OGC. Hopefully this will encourage some type of consolidation around the key issues/opportunities for normalizing geo-standards within the evolving NOAA geo-architecture.

Please, feel free pass this along to anyone/other groups that might be interested in being in the flow of information around this topic here in NOAA.

Once I get this rolling we'll likely turn this into a listsrv subscription of some sort. If there are already OGC communities in pockets out there that I'm not aware of, please enlighten me - I'd love to get everything OGC plugged in together if possible.

As the first notice to the group, I wanted to let everyone know that the December OGC will be attended by our own Ken McDonald on NOAA's behalf. If you have any topics that you are currently tracking within the OGC Standards domain that you would like to get answered/clarified, please circulate them back to Ken (cc me also please) as soon as possible. The meeting is in a couple weeks.

...and, spread the word.

Thanks everyone!"

Current/Upcoming Topics of Interest


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