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NOAA Global Earth Observation -- Integrated Data Environment (GEO-IDE) Guidelines and Best Practices

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Using This Wiki

This wiki contains information on a wide variety of standards and tools being considered, used or developed across NOAA and in the environmental data community. Organizing this information and making it easy to find is a challenge. The wiki provides Categories to help this process (see Wikipedia Categories Page for information about using categories). The Categories link in the navigation menu on the left links to the Categories List from any page in the wiki. Please try using it to find information and help others by connecting pages you create to appropriate categories.

The largest category contains pages with information about the ISO 19115 metadata standard. There is also an ISO FAQ page with simple answers to frequently asked questions.

Overview and Purpose of Wiki

This wiki has been established by the NOAA Global Earth Observation -- Integrated Data Environment (GEO-IDE) per the recommendation stated in Section 8 (Page 51) of the Project CONOPS: “To assist program and project managers, NOAA's Data Management Integration Team DMIT recommends that a NOAA Guide on Integrated Information Management be developed. The Guide is intended to help NOAA program and project managers find resources needed to help write detailed implementation plans for their programs that conform to GEO-IDE recommendations. These resources include NOAA data management policies and guidelines, an inventory of data systems, relevant NOAA, national, and international standards, and recommendations for developing data management plans.”

Categories being used in the GEO-IDE Wiki are listed on the Special:Categories page. Text in italics on this main page indicates material that will be added to the wiki. Comments and input are welcomed and users are encouraged to use the Talk Pages of the wiki to post questions, thoughts, suggestions, and comments.

Please contact Lewis McCulloch ( or Ted Habermann ( if you have questions, suggestions, or would like to be given write access to this wiki. See Using the GEO-IDE wiki for tips on using the wiki.

Data Types

The GEO-IDE Concept of Operations defines an initial set of structural data types that are used in many NOAA data systems. The Standards Working Group will use these data types to focus discussions of potential NOAA standards.

Standards and standards processes

Information Preservation

*Need to describe how NOAA is organizing it’s information preservation activities according to the Open Archival Information System Reference Model (include link to OAIS-RM)

*Include appropriate NARA regulations and resources

Information Heterogeneity

*Include reference to CLASS Information Heterogeneity White Paper when it has been approved

Web services

Information Integration

  • The IOOS Data Integration Framework (DIF) project is developing an IOOS DIF DATA PROVIDER GUIDE that describes how the DIF is being implemented and provides guidance and "cookbooks" on various DIF implementations underway in the various IOOS regions.

Information Security

*Material to be added...

General References