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Import Transformation Scenarios
Import Transformation Scenarios

How to Import ISO Transformation Scenarios

(Tested with Oxygen Version 14.x)

  1. Save this file to your desktop in a folder called 'Oxygen Resources' (or someplace meaningful to you)
  2. In Oxygen: Go to 'Options' tab and select 'Import Transformation Scenarios' from drop down menu.
  3. Navigate to and select 'Oxygen ISO Transformation.scenarios' - (the file you just downloaded)
  4. In the 'Import Scenarios' pop-up box check all scenarios and select 'Global Options' radio button.


List of XSLTs

Steps to Configuring a Transformation Scenario

(from Oxygen version 11.x)
Instructions for transforming an xml record to html text format using Oxygen

  • Open the xml file in Oxygen.
  • Under the Document menu select Transformations > Configure Transformation Scenario (You can save your scenario so that next time you can reuse it.)

This window pops up. ConfTransScenario.png

  • Change scenario to global and in pull down menu select XML transformation with XSLT. You are generating a new scenario so select New button.
  • FYI, below is the difference between global and project.


  • New window opens. Name the scenario. In XSLT tab, XML URL pull down menu, select the current record (the one you have open). Next paste or type the following into the XSL URL window.
  • Paste in URL to your desired XSL or select XSL from your desktop
  • In the Transformer: window choose Saxon-PE


  • In the Output tab choose Save as then enter the location of where you want the output file. The File icon can be used or the variable icon next to it. In the example below I’ve added a path followed by ${cfn}.html. This will set the path, call the file the same name as the xml but change the extension to .html.
  • Click the Open in Browser if you want. And uncheck the boxes in Show as
  • Click OK to save the scenario.


  • Back to the first window. If your scenario is not selected, select it and click Transform now.