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Categories provide a built-in mechanism for organizing wiki pages and for automatically providing lists of links to related pages. Using categories simplifies the process of adding content to the wiki because the guiding question is "What categories does this content belong in?" instead of "What list of links does this page go in and how do I edit them?".

It is difficult to anticipate the list of categories that we will end up using in the GEO-IDE Guidelines and Best Practices Wiki. We clearly need categories for data types, standards, and organizations and some of these are beginning to develop. Take a look at the list of current categories before creating a new one to see if the category you need already exists or other categories that your content may fit into.

To create a new category, just make a link to the category page in the wikitext of your new page. Then consider editing the category page (category:name) to describe the category for other contributors and users. If you add a link to another category to the new category page, the new category becomes a subcategory of the one that it is linked to. For example, the Category:Metadata Standards page has a link to the Category:Standards page because metadata standards are a subcategory of standards.

To add a page to a category, include "[[Category:Category name]]" or "[[Category:Category name|Sortkey]]" in that page's wikitext. The categories to which a page belongs appear in a box at the bottom of the page. Cateogies are described in detail in the Wikipedia Help.

Categories being used in the GEO-IDE Wiki are listed on the Special:Categories page.

Wanted Pages

The Wanted Pages list pages that have links created somewhere in the wiki but no pages to link to. These are either pages that someone thinks should exist, or they are misnamed links. Browsing this page for topics that you understand is one way to find a niche that you can contribute to on the wiki.