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The Enterprise Documentation System implemented at NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center relies on Web Accessible Folders as a fundamental tool for organizing collections of related metadata records and Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) for translating between different metadata dialects.

Enterprise Directory Structure

Enterprise Directory Structure

Folders and directories are useful for holding collections of related records. The Enterprise Documentation Architecture uses related WAFs to hold different versions of metadata records. The Enterprise Directory Structure reflects the organizational structure of NOAA, though some WAFs may be cross-agencies or line offices. The left side of the Figure shows representative examples at multiple levels.

A Record Set is a collection of related metadata records that can occur at any level in the hierarchy. Each Record Set can include Web Accessible Folders (WAFs) for multiple representations of the same content (dialects). It can NOT include "child" record sets; create a new parent folder to hold related Record Sets, if needed. Each dialect includes a Table of Contents (TOC) with access to multiple views, a folder of just xml files (this xml/ the "pure" WAF URL, which can be used for harvesting to GOS, Geoportal, etc.), and a folder with reports. The target generic structure is:

Record Set

fgdc iso_u iso rubric
Table Of Contents (index.html)

unprocessed *.xml (e.g. with xlinks to components)
Table Of Contents (index.html)
processed *.xml (e.g. xlinks resolved)
- Rubric reports for iso/*.xml metadata records

Note that this is one example WAF directory. Other dialect folders are being added as we develop more representations (ncml/, discovery/, etc.)